How do I purchase a Bdazzle Scarf Curl?

Just click on this link above to go to our online store or hit the "Buy Bdazzle Scarf Curl"  tab in the top navigation.

Can I buy your jewelry pendants, as well?

Yes!  All of my pendant pieces are mixed-media and one-of-a-kind.  When you go to our online store  you will see a selection that will always be changing as no two are alike!  these pendants are a great way to accessorize your scarves.  Think of it as a new way to wear scarves with your "scarf jewelry."

Are you in any brick-and-mortar retail stores?

Currently, we sell our Bdazzle Scarf Curl only through our online store and any shows we go to around the United States. Check our Facebook page to find out where we will be next!

How can I see how to use the Bdazzle Scarf Curl?

It's so easy to use, but we have made a great YouTube video to demonstrate not only how to wear and tie your scarves using it for a nice simple scarf "look" but also to show you the many ways you can wear the Bdazzle Scarf Curl.  It is so versatile!  We are always looking for creative ways our customers have worn the Bdazzle Scarf Curl, so please "Like" us on Facebook and share your Bdazzle Scarf Curl look.